Terms and Conditions

By purchasing your MINI BUS pass to the Royal Ascot Tennis Club car park, for use during the Royal Ascot Races 18th-22nd June 2024, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

1. By booking your mini bus pass for the Royal Ascot Tennis Club, during the Royal Ascot Races, you confirm the mini bus you are booking, is a Maximum 16 seater mini bus. Bringing a larger mini bus may not allow you entry to the car park. The AA Traffic control do not allow larger vehicles to drive to the High Street during Royal Ascot week, so you may not be allowed through the traffic to reach the car park entrance. By booking your mini bus pass, you agree that it is your responsibility to bring the correct mini bus to meet the driving restrictions in place.

2. Royal Ascot Tennis Club mini bus car park holders must arrive between 9.30am-2.45pm on date of pass.

3. Mini buses must enter via the entrance of Ascot Wood, Next to Ascot Fire Station, and then proceed to the Royal Ascot Tennis Club at the rear of Ascot Wood. Directions are provided with your pass.

4. Pass holders must park their Mini Bus in the Royal Ascot Tennis Club Car Park only. Your pass does NOT permit you to park in any of the Ascot Racecourse Car Parks, or Ascot Wood grounds.

5. Passes must be displayed in the windscreen of your mini bus at all times.

6. Passes are valid for use only on the day requested and printed on the pass.

7. Mini buses must have exited the Royal Ascot Tennis Club car park by 10.30pm on the date of pass.

8. We prefer mini bus drivers to stay with the bus during the races. If the driver is not staying with the mini bus, then mini buses are left at the owners risk. Royal Ascot Tennis Club does not accept any responsibility for damage caused to your vehicles (other than damage by the negligence of the Royal Ascot Tennis Club, and club officials).

9. The use of the decking area in front of the clubhouse is for use of those using our Bar and Café. Those bringing their own food and drink are welcome to picnic on our remaining designated grass areas.

10. Any temporary gazebos, umbrellas, tables or other furniture left unattended must be appropriately secured to the ground.

11. Use of any of the Royal Ascot Tennis Club Clay Courts are not permitted by Car or Mini Bus Parking ticket holders for either tennis play, eating or drinking (unless invited to play as a 'Guest' of a Tennis Club Member, playing under the usual terms of which Members can invite Guests).

12. Cancellation Policy:

  • 12.a. You may cancel your mini bus parking pass for a 75% refund, by returning the pass before the 12th June 2024. No cancellations will be accepted after this date.